Do you get disappointed .every morning when you open your wardrobe .to pick a shirt? Are you .tired of wearing different shades .of a single type of shirt? Do you think your wardrobe is a little less diversified when it comes to shirts? If your .answer to all these questions is yes, .then you might .want to hear me more now. 

You must be tired of people saying,” men don’t actually need to shop much, .they can just manage .all their events .in just one shirt .and yada yada yada”.The truth is, .men’s fashion trends .are a thing! Everyone wants some variation, .some change. Nobody likes a monotonous pattern. 

And to help you .spice up your wardrobe .a little bit, I have picked up 5 types of shirts .that you may want to consider .to check while buying shirts.


According to me, it is the best men’s long sleeve shirt .for summers.

Simple, classic, .comfortable .and liked by all. Woven with a rather textured finish, .they can be worn .to any type of event.– be it casual or formal.

Can be considered .as a go-to shirt .by many as it goes with denim, .formal and casual trousers, .suits and normal jackets.


A shirt that gives you vacation vibes! Cuban collar shirts .are usually two-tier collared, .squarish at the hem, and breezy. Perfect for .when you are in a .mood to chill, .these shirts are best suited .for informal events in summers.

Can be styled with denim .and casual trousers, .but looks incredible .when worn with regular shorts .and classic sneakers.


By far, the .most striking entry .in men’s fashion, .Denim shirts have been adored. by everyone. The best .go-to choice .when you are in a little dilemma of “is it too formal .or is it too casual” .before going to any event.

Trending amongst the youth, Denim shirts are the simplest .and stylish piece of clothing.

Wear them with denim .or casual shorts, .they will definitely look well!


Similar to denim shirts, .Chambray shirts .are lighter .in weight. Unlike the denim ones .which are woven in a twill pattern, Chambray shirts are woven .in a square weave. Somewhat giving a similar look .of denim shirts, they are good to go .when you are planning to go out on a really hot day but feeling like wearing something denim-ish.

Can be worn with denim, .casual shorts and casual trousers.


When we are on a summer shopping spree, .a linen shirt is a must! Linen .shirts are best known. for being absorbent and providing coolness.

Lightweight, simple, .easy to dry .and comfortable, .this shirt is a perfect blend .of these traits.

Denim, formal or casual trousers, .shorts, wear them with anything!


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