The month of August is approaching, so is the time to get back to school! After having a blasting summer-y couple of months wherein playing and doing other fun activities was the sole motive of kids. But now, it’s time to hit the alarm at super early in the morning and rush to school! But hold up! Have you hoarded up your back to school supplies? If no, then get a pen and a notepad and jot down some of the important back to school supplies!


The most essential part of school supplies. A general stationery set consisting of pens, pencils, rulers of required lengths, sharpener, eraser, correction pens, and other geometric tools is required by every student.

A set of these is generally required to be carried to school every day.


The regular pencil cases may not be able to hold every day above mentioned essentials. Unlike a regular pencil case, a large capacity pencil case makes it easier for the kids to easily carry all their essentials in an organised manner. And for the secondary school kids, it is easier to put their phones in the same case as well.


Well, you obviously need something to jot down your notes in (or scribble!).

If you are an elementary or intermediate kid, an A5 notebook is fine for you.

But if you belong to the secondary or the senior secondary category, A5 notebooks and binders will be enough for you to make notes.


Not going to lie but I was a backpack enthusiast (I know I’m weird). Everyone needs a backpack that can easily carry their daily school essentials. Also, a backpack that goes easy on our shoulders(that shoulder pain, ugh!) It is important to choose a backpack wisely if you love your shoulders. To find a mix of the essential backpack features may take time, but do not settle for less!


To jot down your busy schedule, you might be needing a planner for that. Plan your day in a really easy and less confused manner. The fun part, you can check off an event from your planner after it is done and write a short summary or how you felt about that event (let your emotions flow, children).


Too many calculations and a time crunch do not go hand in hand. Speed up your calculations and ace your math classes with a calculator. It saves up your time which you can utilise to learn something new or just simply relax. Even if you are good at calculation, but not so confident about it, then check your answers with the help of a calculator.


You may find it that sometimes, not all the lines of your notes are important or sometimes, some important pointers get missed during revision. A highlighter is a great tool to help you with this. Save up on your time and energy during revision by giving more time and attention to important and highlighted topics and help yourself understand better.


Organising loose notes or assignments, assembling all the sheets of your projects, or just pasting/fixing a notebook page that got torn while flipping it (please tell me I wasn’t the only one who would end up doing this). You need some stationery tools for doing all these. Keeping a set of these in your backpack is really useful.


Back in school, I really loved to decorate my projects and notes with some sharpies, it was relaxing in its own way. Art enthusiasts are a sucker for art supplies. Well, art is therapeutic. Let your artistic self come out and give your projects and notes a colourful touch.


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