Are you a type of person who goes for flowers or chocolates while buying gifts because otherwise, it’d take all your brain cells to decipher what a person likes and what would be best to give them as a gift? But now you are stuck because your baby niece is too small for flowers and chocolates. Well, all the baby products are so cute that you might end up buying everything that comes in your sight. But here, I will help you select suitable and cute gifts for the newborns. 


A cute baby rattle or a shaker is a really good and common choice when it comes to gifts for toddlers. A baby rattle or a shaker stimulates their senses and helps them improve hand-eye coordination. It sometimes comes in bright colours or can be flower or animal-shaped. It makes rattling sounds mostly but is also available with jingling and other sounds.


A teether is one of the best gifts for a teething baby. Chewing on a teether helps in soothing a teething baby’s tender gums. They are easy to clean as well so you don’t have to worry much about germs. And if you want to get cute pictures of a baby, hand him/her funny baby teethers. Let your baby put them in their mouth and fill your camera roll with photos.


A play mat for babies is a self-engaging thing for a toddler. Its dangling and attractive hangings help a baby improve hand-eye coordination. It keeps a baby engaged for long and helps them to learn grasping things.


Want to buy something special for a toddler with a personal touch? Wrap the little bundle of joy in a cute and cosy personalised comforter blanket. Get their name or a cute quote or line printed on it and give an affectionate touch to the gift!


The parents of a toddler will absolutely love you if you brought a compartment infant nursery tote as a gift to them. It makes so much easier for the parents to carry all the baby essentials anywhere they go. They won’t have to shove everything in an ordinary bag and spend hours rummaging in it for a wet wipe. These bags will help them keep things at particular and separate places.


Bodysuits and onesies are already really cute and a baby wearing them is a cherry on the top thing. If you are having a hard time deciding what to give a toddler as a gift, go for an onesie or a cute little bodysuit. They come in such bright, unique and various patterns that everyone ends up loving them.


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