This whole pandemic thing has confined our lives to work from home and binge-watching. Nowadays, a normal day just consists of sitting in front of a laptop for video conferencing or attending online classes and then switching to TV, tablet or your phone for watching a movie or a TV series. Or maybe a kindle if you are into reading. No doubt some of us are working out from the home to refrain themselves from gaining weight, but apart from your muscles and body fat, there is one more thing that needs attention- your eyes. Because of all this, we are putting too much pressure on our eyes and they need extra care. Unless the first place you want to visit is your eye’s specialist clinic after all this is over. Jokes apart, let’s come to the important part. To help take care of your eyes, I have compiled a few eye care tips for you. 


These are some basic eye care tips. Consulting a professional is not requisite in this case. To begin with, exercising regularly will contribute a lot to eye care. Exercising boosts up your blood circulation level which further increases the oxygen level to the eyes and helps in removing the contaminants. Try to take frequent short breaks from work and five your eyes some rest.

Intake of a balanced diet full of vitamin A & C, antioxidants, and omega-3 rich items is beneficial. Also, avoid drinking too much and smoking as it can adversely affect your eyes. And please, sleep at night. Sleep for at least 7 hours to give your eyes the proper rest and avoid staying up till late to complete a TV series. 


The product that is common nowadays for eye care is a pair of blue- light glasses. They help in reducing the strain your laptop or TV screen puts on your eyes and improves your focus. Next up are eye drops. Too much exposure to the screen can dry up your eyes. Eye drops help to lubricate your eyes and remove dryness and provide comfort to your eyes. 

Keep your contact lenses clean with contact lenses solution and also, wash your hands properly before touching your lenses. 

If you are going out (well, it is not advisable to go out during this pandemic, but if it is needed), do not forget to wear sunglasses in this heat to protect your eyes from UV rays.


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