Sun is right over our heads and its rays are too much to handle(not complaining at all). We buy a lot of stuff to protect our skin, the right light colour clothes for this season and whatnot. Our eyes need the same amount of care too. S for summers and S for sunglasses! The season of sunglasses is here and to help you with your eyewear shopping, I have made a list of 7 best sunglasses which I like and if worthy enough, they might make it to your shopping list.


Been surviving for 80 years now, Aviators have proved to be the biggest boon to eyewear so far. Created for pilots initially but now adored by all. Aviators are surely a go-to for many as no matter what you are wearing, they never disappoint you. Keep a pair of aviators with you and don the ‘Top Gun’ look whenever you want! If you have strong facial features, then Aviators are a must for you!


These trapezoidal shape sunglasses are perfect for the times when you are feeling extra confident. Giving out a bossy vibe, these thick-rimmed glasses are perfect when you have an oval, round or an oblong face. If you are in a mood to show the world how fearless you are, then wayfarers should be on your shopping list.


The latest addition to the eyewear trend, Transparent frame glasses, became a huge wave in the market. They give out a casual look and suit every form of thick-framed glasses. Doesn’t matter what your face shape is, these glasses are a good go-to approach when you are in a chill mood.


These glasses are generally of a hexagonal, orthogonal circular shape, with cuts at the edges. Giving out an intellectual look, these glasses best suit round and oval faces. These quirky glasses are fun to wear to don a funky look.


This type has created quite a stir in the eyewear market since last summer.

This style can be carried out with a lot of colours and shades, making it not just limited to classic black and blue. Perfect for a casual outing, these glasses make your outfit stylish, effortlessly.


The bold and majestic, more popular amongst the ladies, is a trendsetter for sure. The ‘pointed at the temples’ circular glasses are good to go when boldness is your style. They suit best when you have a somewhat round-shaped face. Formal or casual, they rock every occasion.


If you have a thing for the fashion trends of the 60s and 70s, then round shape sunglasses are a must for you. The classic and legendary sunglasses have been setting trends for a really long time in the market.

They look the best on somewhat rectangular faces, bringing out the sharp features of your face. These glasses scream coolness.


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