Friendly reminder: the only day on which you try to be nice to your friends instead of insulting each other is approaching. The day you look at your friends with love and affection in your eyes (for 5 minutes). In a nutshell, friendship day is around the corner, people. Okay, let’s just keep the jokes apart. In all seriousness, a friend is someone who is a complete mixture of a personal therapist, crime partner, secret keeper, personal diary, a parent, advisor, and the list is really long. A day is not enough to appreciate their existence in your life. But yeah, we can at least try to express our feelings on the special day dedicated to these incredible people. And for this, I have some friendship day ideas to help you out.


Cooking for someone is considered to be a top-tier way of showing affection. The least you can do for your friend is to cook a meal for them. Even some pancakes would work. 


Do you think you are not good at cooking and might end up burning down the house? Yes? Then you should consider getting a personalised gift if you still want to add a personal touch.

A nice personalised chocolate bar or a hamper or a cute little cushion with the face of your friend printed on it. Customized t-shirts, sippers, lockets are some of my favourite things to be given as a gift.


If your friend loves handmade products then I think it’s time for you to show some artistic skills. A handmade card, an explosion box, a picture diary, .or a decorated jar with some sweet memories of you guys filled in it are some of the many handmade things you can make. So make a list of stationery you will be needing and get on board.


The last item on the friendship day ideas is to take them shopping. If you are neither good at cooking nor an artistic person, then just surprise your friend with a trip to their favourite stores. Buy them a cute little dress or a classic shirt. If not clothes then a pair of shoes or accessories may also work.


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