Did you think of having a well maintained and decorated garden before moving into your new house and now that when you have a look at your garden, all you see is 3 flowers pots and a half-grown tree with a few leaves? If yes, then my friend, what better time than this quarantine to try your hands on garden decor! Don’t make decorating your garden an after retirement plan. Get on board with your creative mind and let’s shovel up a little!

Here are the five types of garden ornaments which I like and are pleasing to my eyes. If worthy enough, they might fill a space in your garden.


What is a garden without plants? Nothing, right?! And what better pots than the ceramic ones to sow your favourite plants’ seeds. They are strong, durable and porous. They come in various pretty and cute shapes and sizes- totally apt if you don’t want regular shapes in your garden. To top it all, they have great texture as well.


Who does not want birds to visit their garden and add a chirpy twist to the surroundings? But some furniture is required for your guests to sit and rest. Birdhouses and feeders are an important and beautiful part of garden decor. Get hanging or wall-mounted or just keep a nice feeder or a birdhouse on a long and nice stool, it’s totally up to you and your garden.


Wondering how to get your kids to like and help you with the garden decor? Well, let’s bring in what they like the most. Help them make a miniature fairy garden of their own. How nice it would be to have a corner of your garden embellished with cute and beautiful miniatures of some characters of fairy tales.


A fountain is something that hypes up everyone, no matter how young or old you are. It is soothing and relaxing in its own way. Make the fountain a part of your garden decor to add a little razzle-dazzle to everything. Put in the middle or just simply set it up in the corner, it goes with every setting.


If you are a religious person or if you want to give your garden a holy touch, then statues of divine angels and cherubs are perfect for you. They also add an aesthetic touch to your garden decor. Get mini or large size statues, that totally depends on the size and the settings of your garden.


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