If I were to ask you to name a thing that you prioritize the most, what would your answer be? Family, money, love, career, et cetera, et cetera. But how many of you would say “health“? Hardly anyone. But who cares about it, right? It’s just a normal stomach ache, it can wait, but that last slice of a-day-old pizza can’t! My fellow (or should I say shallow?) citizens, our body is just like a machine, it needs some repairing and servicing as well.   It beats me how someone can ignore health issues so easily? (writes this while sitting in a posture that has the potential to ruin my spine) I know, as an adult, it is difficult to take time out of your schedule to visit your doctor and also, most importantly, your mother no longer accompanies you to the doctor’s clinic. So, no spokesperson, no meeting! But sooner or later, we will have to knock this fact into our brains that it is important to give attention even to the tiniest parts of the body.


Do you go through a mental breakdown type of situation when you find more hair on your hairbrush, scrunchies or your pillow than your head?  
Doctors Instrument

Doctors Instrument

  It hurts when a friend of your younger sibling mistakes you for their parent even though you are just 25 because of your receding hairline.

Hair-loss and baldness can wreck you up completely and can make your mood go downhill really quick. But due to tremendous progress in the field of medical science. You can grow your shiny and silky (or curly, or wavy…. the list is long) hair back with the help of proper hair treatment or if the need arises, hair transplant can come to the rescue!



Checking Blood Pressure

Checking Blood Pressure

We all are so active on social networking sites that we love to post about every place we visit. But when was the last time, we posted about getting a basic and a much-needed health care checkup done? Only a few people get the basic health tests done regularly.

My intentions are not to call out anyone, I’m just stating the facts.

You would come up with our same old excuse of not having time to visit your doctor but scientists didn’t spend years inventing easy to use healthcare products to listen to this excuse one day!

There are so many products available in the market that will help you keep a track of your health and will also help you save some time.

 Blood pressure machines for home use and blood sugar level testing kits are the basic ones to start with.


Health care is expensive, no doubt. But there is a solution to every problem. And COUPONSPOUT, being the problem solver here, brings to you some great offers on healthcare products and treatments/consultancy that will surely bring a smile to your face!


Being ignorant about your health and considering it to be cool is a thing of the remote past now. It is now cool not to act tough all the time and cut your body some slack!