Do you take a pause every time you pass by your bookshelf? Thinking about the times you promised yourself to complete all the books that are just kept on the shelf for a show now. We are so tied up that sitting for a few hours and reading something is so out of our schedule. The only reading we do right now is limited to going through one-liner news or some SNS post. But do we realise what we are missing out on? Reading on a daily basis can do wonders to a person. Be it a magazine, book or a proper article, reading can deliver visibly good changes in a person. So let’s read further and find out the importance of reading.


We are believed to be in a calm state when we read. Our body indulges in no complex physical activity and thus, it relaxes. It helps you to put everything off your mind and relax for a while. It is proved to be a really great stress buster activity.


When we read something, we tend to get so involved in figuring out or keeping up with what is written. We have our undivided attention on the lines written in it. The surroundings slowly start to fade away. This helps to build up better focusing power in us.


In a write-up, you will find a lot of points that are interlinked and are placed in different places. Reading helps us to improve our memory by making our retaining power strong. Remembering what was written in the first paragraph that you read earlier to connect it with the paragraph you are reading at the moment. It helps to boost up the memory.


Reading helps to get to know about new words and phrases of a language. We get to know different types of expressions to deliver emotions through words. When we come across a new word, we look it up on the internet or in a dictionary which helps us to retain the meaning of new words and phrases in a better way.


Readers tend to have a good vocabulary as compared to non-readers in maximum cases. With their enhanced knowledge of a language, readers develop a better vocabulary as they get confident in expressing their thoughts using the right words and phrases.


Reading helps you gain knowledge of the topics you are interested in. With the engaging power of reading, you are believed to gain more from reading than any other medium. It sharpens up your mind and brings about a good change in yourself.


Reading, of course, acts as a good source of entertainment. It helps to keep you engaged for quite a lot of time. Everything is beautifully and thoroughly laid out in a book or a novel which helps you develop a better perspective of the storyline.

There are quite a lot of other benefits of reading but these are some basic points that might help you to know the importance of reading in our lives.


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