We all are fans of big numbers. Profit margin, bank balance, score on your test sheet, and a lot more things. But these big numbers make you go pale when they are displayed on a weighing scale you are standing on!

2 women exercising

2 women exercising


Indoor workout with our hectic schedule and messed up sleep cycle (Binge-watching enters the chat!),
it is difficult for us to take out time for ourselves. The mere thought of going to the gym daily before or after college/work makes us tired. Driving down the lane to the gym in itself is a lot of work.

But this is a generation that believes in DIY (DO IT YOURSELF). You don’t necessarily need to join a fitness center to stay fit. You just need to grab the right gyming equipment. To start working out on your own in the comfort of your home.




Does anyone else order a dress smaller than their usual size thinking they would get in shape first to fit into that or is it just me? (please say I’m not the only one). Instead of crying over this while finishing a large pizza, you should be focusing on burning the extra fat out.

But, let’s be honest, being yelled at by your gym trainer for giving up after 2 sit-ups’ in front of other people at the gym is quite (A LOT) embarrassing. But having a treadmill and an elliptical cycle and actually using them might save you from that unsolicited mortification.


If during the quarantine, the only cardio you’re into is getting up and grabbing snacks from the kitchen and coming back to your room five times a day, then you might need to change your routine a bit.

dumbbell Set

dumbbell Set

Considering the number of hours people are spending eating, binge-watching and oversleeping, the health of    the people is a big reason to worry.But if you had a yoga mat, then things would have been a little different.

If you are more of a “vigorous workout” person, then a set of gym rope, abdominal wheel and a pull up bar could help you get in shape.

We usually don’t get time in such abundance to focus on our physical health.

But instead of utilizing this time and picking up a dumble, we are picking up chicken drumsticks. Nice justice you served to your biceps there!


If you think the excuse of a low budget will help you get away. Then sorry to burst your bubble but COUPONSPOUT has some great offers for you! Shop from top sites at reasonable prices that please your pocket!!

So, I think it’s high time now to kick the unwanted guest of your bod. THE FAT out and flex your transformation pictures on social media!