A piece of furniture is something that we buy for a long period of time. We don’t go around, changing furniture everyday or in fact, every year. Especially, when the furniture is for the living room. A living room is the most exposed corner of your house to the guests or even you yourself. Well, a couch is something we crash on as soon as we enter the house after getting completely exhausted at work. If you are someone who is buying furniture for their new house or someone who is thinking of giving a makeover to your furniture, you would be looking for something unique and fresh. And comfort, of course! To make a part of your furniture shopping easier, I have constructed a list of 5 living room sofas.

They are trendy, comfortable and stylish and have the potential of mass appeal. 


The sofa set that comes in individual pieces. It is the most common choice of people nowadays due to many reasons. First being the most obvious, it is stylish and comfortable. As it comes in individual pieces, it can be assembled according to your preference. It can create a lot of seating arrangements and can be assembled into L shape and U shape. It is easier to change the look of your living room with this sofa. You can easily move the individual pieces instead of having to move the whole sofa.


The sofa set is known for giving a retro look. Its symmetrical look makes it fall under the concept of minimalism in furniture styling. Narrowed-legs and low-lying seating are some of its unique features.

When it comes to comfort, you may not give it the same points as a normal sectional one, but it looks astounding when placed rightly.


It is an overstuffed sofa set with padded covering. It also has high arms and a softback. A Modern Tuxedo sofa has a key feature of straight lines. It gives a simple, classic look and it can kill it in both bright and light colours.

It is one of the most classic living room sofas for sure.


This sofa set gives out maximum comfort. It is somewhat similar to a tuxedo style sofa. It has separate back cushions from the frame. So you can easily adjust them according to your comfort or even indulge in a cushion fight with them (haha joking…unless). They are not colour and size-specific, you can select that according to your preferences.


If you love taking naps on your sofa more than your bed then a Futon Sofa is best for you. Its back can be flattened and converted into a flat surface. It is more of a convertible sleeper couch. It is an absolute combination of style and comfort.


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