There is no denial to the fact that for pet owners, their pets are just like their other family members. They take care of them like their own babies and spoil them with cute toys, belly rubs and whatnot. But there is something that is left. How secure are their pets’ lives? I know, you feed your dog with the best quality of food and .take care of their dietary needs but how prepared are you for god forbid any unforeseen event? Just like us,.our pets also at times face a lot of health problems and diseases and .they can also get diagnosed with some serious diseases. But do not get panicked because I have a life-saving thing for your furballs, Pet Insurance! I rummaged the internet to find you the best pet insurance site and was successful in my mission. So here we go!


A site which offers insurance on a membership basis, Waggel has been the favourite place of many pet owners to get insurance for their bundle of joy. It is a company started by some pet owners after being victims of worthless pet insurance companies. It assures utmost transparency and trust at every level to their customers. They also provide their customers with the facility of instant insurance i.e. you can get your pets insured in just a few minutes without much hassle.

 A dashboard tracker gets generated with the commencement of the insurance to help you keep a track of all the claims that you took during a year. This dashboard also helps you to understand different aspects of your pet insurance. Why I liked this pet insurance site is because of the reason that it gives you up to £ 10,000 worth of medical annual coverage and it is a really good amount to make you worry less about your dog’s or cat’s hospital bills.

If the budget is what stops you from getting your pet insured then Waggel is the best place for you to visit because it allows adjustable rates to suit your budget. And a cherry on the top thing, with their membership, you get free behaviour consultation for your pets. Not only this, but you also get various other rewards like free vet consultation from First Vet and other exciting and great deals.


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