If I were to describe the feeling of stepping into 2020, it would be much similar to the feeling of stubbing your pinky toe on furniture, peeling a whole strand of skin around your finger in an attempt to remove that tiny peeled off part, listening to the sound of screeching of nails against a blackboard, biting on your own tongue, stepping on a wet floor with your socks on, all of them combined. This coronavirus pandemic is much worse than we expected. But any situation can be beaten up with a presence of mind and following the right procedure. There are also some basic preventive measures for COVID-19.

Let’s just go through some easy prevention points and knock this virus out.


Personal hygiene is a key preventive measure for COVID-19. It spreads from virus-laden droplets and moves from person to person. You can get infected with this virus if you touch your face after touching an object with the presence of a virus on its surface. So it is advisable to keep washing your hands with soap on regular intervals or using alcohol-based sanitizers. But make sure those hand sanitizers have at least 60% alcohol concentration as they will help to break open the protein layer around this virus.

Sanitizing or using a disinfectant on all the packed things that are being brought into your house can also prevent the spread of Covid-19. Using regular disinfectant to cleanse your doors and other key areas of your house is quite useful as well.


Although it is advisable during this pandemic not to step out and practise social distancing. But if it is important for you to go out of your houses, then proper preventive measures for COVID-19 should be taken. Covering your face with face masks of any kind- surgical, cloth, N95 and other effective masks, is highly advisable. If masks are not available, you can use a cloth to cover your face. But make sure to use it properly. You can even wear a face shield mask which covers your whole face.

They have undoubtedly played a significant role in preventing the spread of this virus. But they can not be used as a substitute for social distancing.

If you are stepping out to buy some groceries or any other essential items, consider wearing gloves. You might end up touching anything which may be infected, so it is advisable to wear gloves if possible.


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