QUARANTINE’S TO DO LIST Do you usually not get time to contribute to something other than work and now, even though you have a lot of time because of quarantine, you’re still spending it doing nothing but just sleeping, eating and binge-watching? Well, to be honest, same.

But think of the things you can get done during quarantine time-from finally following an active list and effective skincare routine to changing the interior of your house; from arranging your wardrobe and filling it with some new clothes to giving full attention to the needs of your pets.

Home interior to look house good.



Over all these years, our eyes have adjusted to seeing the same, old setting of our home. This might prove to be a good time to think about giving a makeover to your place as everything demands a change.

If you like austerity and laconism in design, then you might want to consider giving a minimalist touch the interior. As a geometric touch is the key element of this style, adding some round cushioned chairs and square stools to the shopping list would be perfect!
Contemporary, modern or transitional, et cetera, et cetera. So many choices to choose from. And different styles need different furnishings to go with them.


Rejuvenating the skin to get its glow back due to stress.

Rejuvenating Skin


Have you ever thought about your skin that has to face the wrath of dirt, pollution and sweat daily? No, right? Our delicate skin goes through so much still we don’t consider giving some therapy sessions to it. List down the things you can pamper your Skin with.

Don’t you think a little cleansing and a little toning and a little moisturizing can help your skin come back to life? If yes, then this is the time. Show your skin that you care.


Pets are know as Unvoiced but they also have rights to get pampered.



It is finally the time to make up to your furballs for not paying much attention to them back then. Imagine how nice would your dog feel when you will brush its fur with a soft brush after washing them with the premium quality dog shampoo after so long. And how good it would be to see your cat enjoying its nutrient-rich lunch.

It doesn’t take much to please them! so, the choice is yours, either shower them with some attention and care or see them sit with a sad pouty face.
(If I were at your place, I would go with the first option)


Getting free time in such abundance is a boon and most of us would want to get a lot of things done during this time. But everything comes with a cost. You have to let go of a lot of things in order to keep the graph of your expenses below the income one. But not anymore! COUPONSPOUT brings to some awe-inspiring deals on orders from some top online shopping sites. Furniture, decor, pet care, beauty, clothing and a lot more! Get the best quality products at the best prices possible!

During this quarantine, live a life that was earlier not possible because of our work and other things. Bring about a change in a lot of things in a positive direction and make the best out of quarantine list.