We all are fans of big numbers. Test scores, bank balance, number of cars, and whatnot?! Everything that is in large numbers doubles up the feeling of joy. But in this race of reaching the heights, when did our blood pressure rate and stress and anxiety levels touch the sky is something we have no idea of. The competition is so much that 24 hours in a day seem less. We have compromised with so many things to devote ourselves completely to work, and one of these things is mental peace. We have turned our bodies into machines with no power off button. But there is no problem in this world which can not be solved, and it applies to this case as well. To help you come to terms with your body and mind and find peace, I have listed out 4 meditation and relaxation therapies.


A concept mentioned in early Hindu and Buddhist scripts, Chakra meditation works on the transformation of a person. Various practices falling under this and different techniques serve different purposes. Some work towards achieving relaxation, some towards relaxation and the rest help in healing. Their main motive is to lower down the stress levels and betterment of mental health.


A technique tracing back to Chinese traditions, Tai Chi meditation helps in achieving relaxation and stress reduction. It is quite often referred to as a meditation in motion as it promotes tranquillity through swift movements. It comprises various styles and each style reflects on different Tai Chi principles.


Reiki is a Japanese technique .used for healing and relaxation. It is one of the most simple relaxation and meditation therapies of spiritual healing and anyone can use this to improve oneself.


Akashic records are a library of the lifetime of every soul that travels through time, space and other realities. Accessing Akashic Records can help you resolve past blockages abrupting your present life. They help to align with your soul. 


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