Decorating your newly bought house is one of the greatest feelings to ever exist. We get so invested in working even on the tiniest and .the isolated corner and leave no stone unturned. It is, indeed, difficult to get the right decor pieces that suit your preferences accurately. Especially for all the people who love to bring the most out of the simplest things. When you don’t like something heavy or extravagant when it comes to home decor, .It gets slightly difficult to not let your house look “empty”. For all these people, I have compiled a bunch of simple home decor ideas that might help them to choose simple decor items just like they like it.


A pendant light or a drop or suspender is a hang-low light .mostly set up over kitchen countertops or dining or coffee tables. A simple cable or a chain is attached to them to hang them from the ceiling. A set of the modern pendant lights surely gives an aesthetic touch. Not too bright and heavy, they help to build a cosy environment.


Home planters are one of the in-trend home decor items. There comes a variation in these plants, .small-size planters can be placed by windows or can be put on kitchen countertops or on side stools or even racks. They are quite flexible. The big-size planters are best suited .to be placed in corners.

They fill up space in a quite decent way.


One of the simple house decor ideas is getting your walls painted with a light shade of the colour of your choice. Your house doesn’t look packed when there is a light shade on your walls. But sometimes it can get too plain or boring. Getting a subtle and pleasant design on a part of your wall can help a lot. Be it a design of a rainbow or some doves, it can help in building a calming environment or you can just hang a mirror or some paimtings to fill the void.


A suggestion- if a corner of your living room or if one of your rooms is really small, then you can convert that place into your comfortable spot.

A nice mattress , some oversized cushions, a low-level stool by the mattress’ side, and a small book or magazine stand. A perfect weekend chilling spot!


Mediumly puffed couches help in bringing volume to your house. And to give a simple touch, .picking a solid, .contrasting colour is highly recommended. Solid colour couches and seats go fairly well with the light shade of the walls. They help to fill up the emptiness to a great extent.


To fill up the void and to obviously, store stuff, open racks and shelfs play a really good role. You can use them to put books, files, speakers, showpieces and a lot of other decorative items. They don’t add up too much volume, just the right  amount of it.


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