Elongated daytime, visible sweat patches, feeling thirsty every hour, the urge to wear loose clothes, et cetera, et cetera. If you can check all these changes off the list, then Congratulations! You have officially stepped into Summers 2020. Because of this pandemic, we really did not get the time and chance to go out for summer shopping. But why worry when you can hop on your computers for the same?!  Summer shopping is very crucial because you have to keep a lot of things in mind while even just buying a simple dress. And to help you with your shopping endeavour, I have woven a list of 5 types of most comfortable summer dresses( personal opinion!) that you might like.


This ‘hang loosely from your shoulders to bottom’ dress is perfect to beat the parching summer heatwaves.

This is one of the most comfortable dresses you would ever find. Breezy, comfortable, cute and stylish- a perfect blend of all these traits.

Casual sneakers, bright flats, ankle heels, it goes with everything!


This cute, thin shoulder strap, loose-fitted type dress is a go-to dress for many people. Light, breezy, pleasant and adorable are the apt words to describe this dress.

Suitable for a casual outing or also can be worn on a hot summer evening.

Tan sandals, casual sneakers, ankle-length boots are some of the shoes that I prefer to wear with a sundress to make my outfit look more lovely.


If you want something elegant and classic and also at the same time, something comfortable in this scorching summer season, then A-line dresses can become your go-to approaches. It is wider at the bottom and can be worn to a formal gathering as well.

Pumps and high sandals are what I pick when it is an A-line dress day.


The tucked waistline of a blouson dress is the thing that makes it different from other dresses. Its tuck waistline leaves a silhouette around the waist which gives a very pleasant and elegant look to the outfit.

A metallic shimmer blouson dress is a classic and simple option to choose when you just want to slay in this sweaty, hot weather.

Platform wedge heels would look cute with a blouson dress(yes, they would!)


Last but not least is a t-shirt dress which has created quite a lot of stir amongst the youth. A casual, comfy, simple dress is best for your casual hangout at a friend’s place or for your lazy weekends.

The best part is, the print can be anything. A cute floral or some pop culture references, you can get anything printed on it. Also, POCKETS!

A t-shirt dress, according to me, goes best with classic sneakers- comfortable and simple yet stylish!


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