You all must be super ready for summer 2020. Shoes? Checked! Summer dresses? Checked! Air coolers and other essential summer home appliances? Checked! Shades? Checked! We have everything checked off our summer shopping list. But are you sure you are done shopping? Is anybody left? No, you say. Okay, but what about your four-legged family member? “But they can maintain constant body temperature, that’s what all homeothermic animals do”. Agreed, but not when the temperature is really high. And they can not even shed sweat to keep themselves cool. In the case of extreme heat or high temperature, if not taken proper care of, dogs can be deeply impacted. It may lead to swelling of organs as well. But to tackle this situation, I have made a list of summer products for dogs which may help your furry friends to stay cool.


Lying on a platform cooler than the body temperature of dogs and cats helps them to shed excess heat from their body. For this purpose, instead of finding a cool corner in your house with a little chilly floor, a pet cooling mat is one of the best summer products for dogs. Their body can easily perform the function of conduction and help them stay cool.


Based on the concept of evaporation, a cooling vest helps dogs to keep themselves cool. It helps to absorb the water and keep it locked in it and undertakes the process of evaporation over time. It helps to evenly distribute the coolness throughout your pet’s body and removes excess heat.


It is really important to keep your pet’s neck and chest areas cool. For the chest, we have a cooling vest. And for the necks, cooling pet collars is a really good pick. Classified into two categories, ice and one based on the concept of evaporation. The one that undertakes evaporation to lock coolness, works the same as a cooling vest. The ice one has to be put in the freezer first and is then tied around your pet’s neck. When it melts, it provides coolness to their neck region.


It is important to save your dogs from HOT weather. Unlike us humans, they can not sweat to stay cool. Giving them a nice cool bath(not cold though) sounds like a nice idea. Setting up a pool for your cats and dogs attracts them to put their paws in water. It helps them to cool down the pads of the paws thus, maintaining good body temperature.


Your pet can be left dehydrated due to excessive panting and evaporation in hot weather. For this reason, it is important to keep them hydrated. Offering them water frequently is really important. And it is a lot better if the water is cool. For this purpose, there are so many cooling bowls available in the market which helps to keep their water cool.


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