Are you fed up of having to spend .your entire summer stuck in your house, and badly want to travel to beautiful destinations .as soon as this global pandemic COVID-19 ends? If yes, then I feel you…..But now you might want to come out of your dreams, .wherein you are already chilling on a beach .and actually start planning. Let me help you a bit with this. I have woven a list of top 5 destinations .to visit in Europe .that are not only ethereal but are also pocket friendly. Let’s just dig deep into it, shall we?


Berlin-the capital and largest city of Germany .is known to be the cheapest .in Western Europe. Being home to a number of cultural institutions, .innovative music and art, .and having over 1030 museums and around 400 art galleries- .all these things make. Berlin a can’t miss out on spot. Berlin’s idiosyncratic blend of sprightly nightlife, .festivals, .cheap food, affordable accommodation .and pleasing to the eye tourist spots .are definitely capable of hitting you to the core. Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag Building, .Museum Island and East Side Gallery .are some of the places to visit in Berlin.

Avg per day cost(per person)= 57€*


Known for the dramatic skyline alongside the Danube river, .the capital city of Hungary-.Budapest-is considered being the most photogenic city in entire Europe.

It serves as an important centre for music, dance, .theatre, .visual art of Hungary. With being home to 200+ museums, .various art galleries, .opera and theatres, .libraries with unique collections, .lively festivals, .great Hungarian cuisine .and having good accommodation options, .Budapest surely deserves to be there on your passport. Buda Castle, .Fisherman’s Bastion, .Hungarian Parliament Building, .Margaret Island are some of the sites worth visiting!

Avg per day cost(per person)= 119€*

                                                  PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC

Being called as the heart of Europe, .Prague is the city also known for its very-well preserved architecture. It is considered to be one of the important cultural centres .of Europe, .hosting a number of events .including theatre. Czech beer is one of the many things .about Prague that are widely famous .and can not be missed. Prague’s finger-licking cuisine, .its affordable accommodation(Pension outside of Prague), .and a list of pleasing to the eye sites are more than enough .to convince you to put Prague on your travel list.


Avg per day cost(per person)= 77€*


Tallinn, the capital of Estonia is known for its well preserved medieval city.

It also has many museums .and art galleries, .and it also serves as the cultural hub of Estonia.

Tallinn’s main attractions, .undoubtedly, lie in its old town region. The famous cuisine of Tallinn .which is reflective of the cultures of Northern Estonia, .its beautifully preserved architecture, .flexible accommodation options and .cultural events .are definitely worth experiencing.

Avg per day cost(per person)=74€*


To experience the mesmerising Portuguese culture, .we have Porto! A city full of lively culture, .mesmerising art, .entertainment, .harmonious architecture and .mouth-watering cuisine-. Porto is a place worth visiting! Livraria Lello, .Bolsa Palace, .Porto Cathedral .are some of the many must-visit places of Porto.

Avg per day cost(per person)= 94€*



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*The avg cost of each place is tentative.