The demand for coupons in UK is steadfast multiplying every day. Natural as it is, the consumers seek these coupons for purchasing commodities at a discounted price. Almost every economic firm, now, comes up with discount coupons on a timely basis to lure prospective consumers. When a firm takes to introducing discount coupons, the demand, instantly, goes up manifold times.

In the face of inflation due to pandemic, the prices have shot up to exorbitant levels. The cost of production has increased and to make profits, every firm needs to pull up their prices. However, a wide range of customers have also faced the wrath of the pandemic and their pockets do not allow lavish spending. With the objective of practising a discriminatory pricing policy, the firms have been issuing coupons to bridge the gap between those who cannot purchase commodities at the cost price and those who can.

Coupons In Demand

Special Sale Schemes

The most crucial reason why coupons are so much in demand is the fact that they are issued in times of festivities and general holidays. These coupons are mostly for travel, food items, gifts and clothes. When Christmas is right around the corner, the firms release discount coupons in abundance because the gross demand is high. When people are offered this option of discounted prices, they add more stuff to their baskets. The demand for coupons goes up because the middle-class people make a bigger purchase only with coupons in hand.

The most obvious strategy is the issue of coupons redeemable only on Sundays. The demand for coupons grows because the shoppers are out on weekend shopping. Things they desire, that are otherwise out of reach for them, become affordable upon the application of coupons.



There has been a growing rate of inflation in the UK economy. As a consequence, the people, who have no savings to rely upon, are in a state of reduced purchasing power. Hence, they curtail their demand. For these people, coupons are an economic Messiah. They are able to expand their real income by using coupons.

One of the biggest example, here, is coupons issued for the students. There are many students who cannot afford other amenities after meeting the sky-rocketing education prices and thereby, need such options. The demand for coupons is increasing in the UK because a lot of students are seeking them for financial relief.


Huge Middle-Class Income Group

59% of the UK population have a middle-class income. They want to save as much as they can. Discount coupons serve this purpose greatly and thus, are an obvious attraction. Some people have taken to extensive couponing and have saved a lot. The others look up to them and demand more of these profitable coupons. So, by social conventions, if you are not using coupons, you are at loss. Hence, there is a peer pressure, too, for clever couponing that pushes up the demand for coupons, in general. People make use of schemes such as clearance sales to save the maximum they can. The branded commodities that they can normally not afford, become affordable with couponing. They, even, indulge in hoarding to make the most of what they have.

Attractive Deals By Firms

One of the biggest reasons for growing coupon demands lies in the fact that the firms indulge in excessive marketing strategies and make the coupons look very attractive and catchy, thereby leading to augmented demands. Every firm has established crews for marketing, advertising and research. They scrutinize the market conditions closely and create offers that would attract the maximum number of customers. It is a strong marketing strategy that benefit both – the households and the firms.

Since, the firms are well aware as to how to catch prospective consumers, they reach out to them with the most attractive discounts. This is done by means of internet algorithm and other forms of communication. The advertisement presented is presented in the best of ways. Often, consumers get awed by these offers available and do not think twice before running after them.



So, if inspected closely, it is the market conditions which firms create that increase the demand for the coupons.

There are several reasons because of which the demand for coupons have been increasing and for what the trend shows, will continue to increase. The pandemic gives rise to scarcity, which in turn raises prices. But the demand is sensitive for consumers victimized by the pandemic too. Hence, couponing appears as a middle path for both the economic entities. It gives the firms the advantage of discriminatory pricing policy that allows them to charge prices according to consumer’s elasticity. The people, who cannot afford commodities otherwise, benefit too.

By economic standards, couponing is a very innovative way to serve all. Thus, naturally, its demand is shooting every day.