Your pair of shoes not going with your outfit is a total mood bummer. For me, shoes are an essential part of any outfit and it is okay to be picky while choosing them. Especially boots! Not all boots are the same and not necessarily go with every outfit. You just can not use your basic boots every time, just Nah-ah! To help you with your footwear-venture, I have drafted a list of some of my favourite boots that are a part of my wardrobe and if worthy enough, they might also grab a place in your shoe collection.


My go-to footwear when my outfit is a simple pair of skinny jeans and a shirt.

They are light in appearance so they can be picked even on those days when you want to keep it breezy. At the same time, their light appearance makes them highly suitable for dresses. Wear it with an above-knee length dress or with long skirts, they are a good way to go with everything. Apart from these outfits, they can be worn with something skinny, like leggings or a pair of skinny jeans.


My absolute favourite, and go to footwear when being bossy or rebellious is the mood. The heavy look steel toe boots are perfect for when you are wearing something casual and simple. On the other hand, the light look ones are perfect for being worn at the workplace. Formal, simple and classic.


The stylish and chic-look boots are perfect for your cute short dresses or skinny fit high-waisted shorts. Wear them with body con dresses or little flare ones, they go with all of them. Not only this, but you can also wear them with skinny jeans and a loose blouse or simply just with a plain sweater.


They are more comfortable than heels and are perfect for the occasions when you have a mixed mood of feeling tall and also wearing boots. Suitable for both casual and formal events, these boots are quite adaptable to a lot of types of outfits.


One of the most famous boots amongst women, they come in many lengths and fittings-mid calf or knee-length; narrow and extended or wider around the calves. They look really cute with above-knee length dresses or skinny fit shorts. They also go well with skinny jeans and slacks.


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